What to do


We will typically try to gather the Friday night at a local Mexican or Pizza dive. As the elder racer in the SE, I will purchase the young 30-somethings a beer or two in hopes that this starts them down a path of not showing up at the track until after qualifing on Saturday.

Strategy hasn’t worked yet.



Around here the young guys seem to have a problem with making meetings or getting to grid on time. Both offenses send them to the back of the field. You might try that, although they tend to be the same guys that are fast enough to make it to the front in 1 lap.


I think I see the flaw in your strategy. If you make this a beer or six I think you’ll see better results. It’ll also help Kyle’s case. They won’t be fast again 'til after lunch.


At Roebling this year I was able to avoid his attempts to get me to drink beers. It didn’t help my performance, and I still missed the start of the Sunday race. :frowning: