What Gauges Are You Using?


just finished my cage install and as I had expected the dash bar falls in the way of the stock cluster. I had wanted to do a replica DTM style dash with the Stack gauges but when I researched more into them I found the ST800 that has multiple display options, this looks like the cleanest option if anyone has used one please let me know. I’d love to see some photos of your gauges and wanted to know what everyone was running and what they wish they had/ hadn’t put in. Thanks!


You might want to take a look ant a RacePack IQ3. I had one for several years and like i a lot.


Thanks! I’ll look into them. what did you need to buy from them as far as wiring goes?


with the IQ3, there are a couple of options. They have some pretty pricey senders which operate on the IQ3’s V-NET bus. But they are preprogrammed with the type of sender it is, which is nice. So the Oil Pressure sender for example, when you plug it into your IQ3 it knows that it’s Oil Pressure and reports it appropriately. Multiple senders just stack together on the bus. SUPER simple to set up… but a bit pricey.

The other option with them is to use their universal sender adapter. It has the ability to accept input from four existing senders and send that output onto the V-NET bus. Not quite as cool as individual V-NET senders, but more cost effective.


These guys have more in their gauges than I have in my car. See the factory dash? Those be my gauges.



What Julian said…

I think the best way would be to use V-NET sensors for oil pressure and coolant temp and a USM for less critical measurements (fuel, oil temp, cooling system pressure switch). I used a USM and the OE coolant sensor and a VDO oil pressure sensor and it was a bit of a pain to generate the data points that had to be programmed into the IQ3. Before my accident I was considering replacing those with V-NET sensors for better accuracy and installing a V-NET wide band A/F sensor.

What sold me on the IQ3 was the four programable warning lights. Once properly set up as warnings for low oil pressure and over temp you don’t have to continually check the gauges. If none of the warning lights are on, you just drive. The shift lights are programable per gear and quite effective.

The analysis software could be better, but it is useable.


I use Glowshift digital gauges. The advantage there is that you don’t have to look at them. If there’s something wrong, the whole thing blinks. The downside is they’re f’n bright at night. Good thing I don’t race at night. They slot nicely into the stock vent holes at the top of the dash.


After 20 or so cars built/worked on, I just don’t trust electric gauges until you get into the Stack and CanBus gauges. that requires mega money. I prefer Autometer Ultralight mechanical gauges for OP, OT, and WT. Tachs naturally have to be electronic, and the 5" AM works great. All those will fit into the stock e30 speedometer area and are quite easy to hook up and use. I’ll try to get a picture posted.