West Coast Champs head count


Hey guys, just checking in to see if anyone from the Mid West or East Coast is coming to Buttonwillow for Champs.

Buttonwillow is a fun safe track with a fast learning curve. It would be great to see 30+ cars there like last year.

Throw your name in the hat if you plan to attend.

I know a few of us Left Coast types are going to the ECC.


Wow 7415 views and nobody is coming to Buttonwillow but me.

Man its gonna be lonely on the podium! :wink:


I think it is mostly going to be west coast guys. I know I talked to some east coast guys and they don’t think they’re going to tow all the way out for Buttonwillow. MRLS is a destination track but BW definitely isn’t.


This is exactly why I will not be heading out west for Nationals. Lugana Seca was at the top of my bucket list of tracks but Buttonwillow simply is not. As most of you know, it can get expensive to travel across country for a race and I can’t justify this expense for this track.

Now Watkins Glenn is another story. Still a long way from Georgia but it is another track on the bucket list. Actually heading there two times this year.


I am calling BULLSHIT Ryan! If you are going to Watkins more than just for the Championship, you are going for the practice so you have a great showing…you lying sack of crap! :laugh: just messin’ with you home skillet!

I know I would love to go to the ESC and am trying to make that happen.

We would love to have the boys back in town, but I know Buttonwillow is not exactly a marque track.

But the hotels are amazing!!! :woohoo:


LMAO!!! Never said I was going to WG two times just for the hell of it. 18 hours worth of endurance racing will certainly help for the East Coast Nationals. It would be awesome it you can make it to the northeast!


Wow these guys really dont know what they are missing. The Buttonwillow hotels are first class and only $39.


Just be careful with the complementary fruit baskets they put in the rooms. They can get a bit gamey. :sick:


The hotels in Buttonwillow are the kind where you sleep in all your clothes, thank the local feral cat population for keeping the rats under control, and pray the police don’t show up late at night. I sleep with earplugs so their talking and radios doesn’t bother me, but the bright flashy lights tend to startle me awake. At least the breakfast is…wait, there’s no breakfast. Be sure to boil your suitcase afterwards to get rid of the bedbugs, and try not to swallow any water in the shower.


All reasons I bought a motorhome.


But other than all those 4 seasons/Biltmore like qualities, the resort like pools are something else. That is when the Dept. of Health doesn’t have them closed to disinfect them due to someone having (and this is a direct quote) “explosive diarrhea and they could not hold it long enough to get out of the pool.” Oh, and don’t forget the AARP card carrying kissin’ whores! They are something else…or so I’ve heard.


I just tell the kids that the guy floating face-down in the pool is looking for his contact lens.


Somehow all of that just fades away when I’m having some brisket at the Willow Ranch. Then it’s the HPOE.

Just saying.


I just registered today for the WSC…:woohoo:

Still working on the ESC…:unsure:


I got signed up last night. See you there boys.


And we wonder why people dont register for soCal events…


This thread is hilarious. I’ll be laughing about this all day.