Trailering an E30


I am looking to get out of the business of renting and borrowing trailers and finally get something permanently mine.

I have managed very well for the last 9 years of E30 ownership and 23 years of general HPDE’s, Time Trials, Autocrossing, Racing and general car-hobby-ing without a trailer. But.

That being said: I’m getting old enough to want to stop driving the race car to the track, pulling my tire trailer and borrowing/renting and reinventing how to tie the race car down for each event on every different trailer.

I would like the lightest most efficient trailer, the smallest possible length and width with the least expensive price.

Ideal solution would be:

  1. All Aluminum short as possible
  2. dual axel
  3. electric brakes
  4. 3,500lb axels
  5. large ball

Any advice on trailers that work with the e30 would be appreciated:


This guys isn’t far from me:


Check out an 18 ft Kwik Load. The roll back design and low ramp angle makes it very easy to load and unload a Spec E30 or any other lowered car. I have one and love it, tows great. It is well built and all steel. I’ve added a tire rack and winch. Kwik load offers option of aluminum deck. Used kwik loads are hard to find.


OK that looks great! YouTube


I looked at Kwik Load as well, and really liked the design. Could not really find one other than new, so I wound up scouring the Craig’s List, Racing Junk, et al., sites until I found a lightly used all aluminum ATC open car hauler. Love it, and while its a conventional dovetail with ramps, the ramps are 7 feet, which is longer than most, and allows easy loading if you add race ramps, which makes it even easier. Also weighs 1400 empty, torsion axles with brakes on both, loaded I am at about 4K or so, so east to tow.