This subforum is for learning from past incidents.


Some moves work, some don’t. Some plans and ideas work, some don’t. Sometimes what seemed like the best decision at the time, ends up getting you towed in with a big surprised look on your face.

Having different ideas of what the rules mean is asking for trouble.

The purpose of this subforum is to help us learn from incidents. If this subforum is a big success then I was one of it’s fathers. If it turns out to be a miserable failure, then it was not my idea.


  1. Focus on what it would be useful for someone to learn from the incident you’re describing or showing via video. It’s useful, for example, to see how Scott made a bad call on how an incident would play out and then by dodging on to wet grass, eliminated any opportunity to change his mind should a new plan become desirable. It is less useful for the newby to learn, on the other hand, that in your opinion this is just another example illustrating that only the podium contenders have skills. We don’t want this subforum to be a place for pissing matches. If the guy in your video screws the pooch, refer to the car by it’s color. None of the newbies will know who it was and the way the rest of us drink, we’ll forget pretty soon.

  2. Try to keep a thread focused on one incident.

  3. Use videos and drawings as much as possible. It can be hard to see how the moving parts interacted with just your prose.

  4. If an incident got discussed to death somewhere else, put in a link.