Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on


Hate to see this location for information and stories of our racing escapades go the route of the dinosaur, but that seems to be the way it is moving.


Wait, looks like I am talking to myself.



chirp, chirp. Hi Robert:P

Anyone know how to install a kill switch?:evil:

There’s some good info on here for sure. I’d hate to see the archives go if we did ever switch to anything new


Did the previous owner not install the switch correctly?


Now back to the topic. From the number of views it looks like you can’t make 'em log on to this site any longer.

Seriously, great info, great discussions. How hard is it to check in once a day? We all usta did, didn’t we? (usta, made that word up)



no, I’m kidding. kill switch thread was my first experience on here. I was like, this is insanity. Then I raced with you guys. Confirmed insanity.


Great place, really!

This test may be the make or break for the site. It was so cool to watch the videos and have discussions with others of like mind instead of your crazy Aunt Harriet who just didn’t want you to hurt someone.

Always fun to see the race reports from the MidAtlantic, too. Now I’ve got no clue what they are doing.

In thinking through this, a tip of the hat to Walter for trying to heard the cats back into a pack. The presence of the Southeast was always bigger that the other regions (just look at the post count) and Walter is spot-on for trying to keep the communication loop going. It is obvious this over 50 dude likes the forums. Others?



racing is great in the mid atlantic. we had 25 cars at the last race. if we had a smart phone format we could likely restore the group and get it off facebook…


Part of the issue may be people don’t think their posts will be seen (or seen in a timely manner) and don’t bother.

Would auto posting new threads to the FB page be an option? People could then just click into this site from there to respond.

What would be the ideal criteria (ignoring that it probably can’t be enforced anyway) for what people post here vs FB? Obviously technical discussions that could help others in the future should go here. What would be “okay” to keep purely in FB? I mean… we can’t do things like keep tagging Christina Lam in these forums for every car that goes up for sale. Haha…



I have strong feelings about this forum, but the fb “right now” format hits a chord with human nature that this site does not. Therefore my ability to bring this site back into the mainstream, I fear, is pretty limited.

The owner of the site has been distracted with other projects. I’ve been trying to get software upgrades done for years, but he’s busy. I’ll see if I can talk him into relinquishing control of the site. Then I could pay someone to import it to a more modern platform and we hope that results in the site getting more use.

I worry that I’ll wake up one day and the treasure-trove of technical information, not to mention a decade of race tales, will be irretrievably gone forever.


I f**king hate Facebook. I had previously deleted my account there, but after a while I realized that I was missing out on all the race chatter and wound up creating a new account just so I could be in the loop. I much prefer to have those conversations here on a dedicated forum - specifically because of the preservation of material and the search capability. I’ve benefited SO much from just doing a damn search here BEFORE asking a question. You don’t get anything like that on FB.

I get that it’s “always on”, and people like that because it’s easy. Still hate FB - you have to wade through all the political BS (and Maduske’s memes, LOL) just to find the nuggets of pure racecar gold.

We’ve been playing with Slack lately. Another ubiquitous format that you can access from your mobile phone, iPad, desktop, whatever. But a bit more focused than FB. It has potential.

Would be cool, though, if we could somehow combine the ubiquity of having an “always-on” experience, with the permanence of a dedicated forum.



Okay Julian, Scott, Bob, Andrew all “like”
Isn’t that special?

Actually it is!

Hang on, we’ll see if it can be revived. Again, think of it as a great diversion from work and it is a tremendous platform.



Please keep the forum alive. I am new to the Spec E30 and just last weekend I could fix the ABS in very little time because of all the good information here.


[quote=“Patton” post=83229]Okay Julian, Scott, Bob, Andrew all “like”
Isn’t that special?

Actually it is!

Hang on, we’ll see if it can be revived. Again, think of it as a great diversion from work and it is a tremendous platform.


Add Derrick to the list. Thanks Derrick, where did you find the information and who was helpful?



Add me to the list, I look at it everyday. Plan to start working on a new car next month. Would not have decided to switch to Spec30 without the forum?


I also want to see the forum continue and have more traffic. I don’t think i could have built my car without all of the excellent information on here.

Forrest Vaughan


Got it. PLEASE continue to remind others to frequent the site.



I’m sure many folks will still use this site for important topics. The new Slack team is more of a revolt from the cumbersome email groups and Facebook instead of an abandonment of forum. for those interested.


Paul, I have to strongly disagree. Slack is just the latest thing that folks will chase 'till it becomes old. May join, but I don’t see it long term. Could have never predicted the fallout from Facebook so quickly, then again, maybe I could. Where is the civility? How does one search for a solution? (I know, they ask the same question over and over.)

This board has lasted 'till the mobile device revolution took hold. The lack of response to this post proves folks are just too busy to tune in. Gotta have the information come to you. I get it. Don’t like it worth a damn.



Just wrote a response and for some reason it didn’t post. So in short dump FB and come back to the forum.

Zuckerberg has a hold on you and you know it. Its a bad societal path. How many hours do you spend on your devices??


I’m over 50 and like both this forum for its treasure trove of technical info (about to do a search for “what to nut and bolt on an e30 before race weekend”), but I also like the immediacy of Slack.


how do we get into the slack group? I tried getting on but it says “contact the team administrator for invitation” but i can’t find out who to contact.