Starting My Spec E30 Journey


Hi all,

My name is Kris Hudson and I live in NC. I’ve been a huge racing fan for all of my life. I started sim racing a long time ago as a cheap way to scratch my racing itch. Eventually I found my way into Autocross with my 2003 350z. I put a decent amount into the Z to try to get it to go faster and I had a blast doing it. Then, earlier this year, I decided to sign up for a HPDE at CMP. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited about going. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. The Z was solid and fast but I’m not as interested in going fast as I am competing wheel to wheel with other drivers. SpecZ is basically dead, so my plan was to sell the Z and go with a spec miata, E30, or 944.

As fate would have it, Walter Araya was my classroom instructor for the weekend. After hearing him talk about racing the E30 it definitely peaked my interest. When I saw the cars on the track, and how many participants there were, I started to get really really interested. And when Walter went on to talk about the Spec E30 community, I was sold! After I got home I started to get the Z cleaned up so I could sell my baby of 12 years. It was bittersweet but I knew I had to do it to realize my dream of racing wheel to wheel.

I’m happy to say that the Z went to a good home this past weekend. Now the challenge is to find a spec e30. I definitely don’t want to build because I would rather start working on getting my comp license while I learn the car. So I’m looking for a decently sorted spec E30 but not necessarily looking for a top of the line car. I love tinkering and doing my own work on cars so as long as I have a solid running base to work with I’ll be happy. So if you all know anyone in the southeast who is interested in selling their car let me know. I’ll continue to diligently check the classifieds around the internet.

I’m signed up for VIR on August 25th and 26th but I’m without a car for now. I’m hoping to find a car to run before then, but if I don’t, I’m still planning to attend to try to talk to some of the spec e30 guys and get some advice. Hope to see you all on the track soon!


Kris, you have made an extremely smart choice! Welcome to the group.

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Hopefully something pops up real soon for you.


Welcome to the club. I suggest posting your request on the Spec E30 Facebook page. It gets more traffic.


I can rent you a car for the VIR event until you find one.


Thanks for the welcome!

@zurbo I’ll jump on the facebook page for sure.

@andrew240z Thanks for the offer! I’ll let you know soon.


I have a spec E30 for sale! Here is the link if you’re interested.Spec E30


Thanks! PM’d


Welcome to the addiction, you made a great choice.



I have a Spec E 30 The engine has been totally redone with less than 30 minutes on the engine

It dyno out 159.2. I had DeltV go through the car and the mechanic that worked on it
told me that it was one of the strongest engines that he had ever worked on

I am selling for one reason, I almost 70 years old and I still wanted to go back and race, but my health issues have won.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me

Paul Marshall 804 512 3154 Richmond Va