Squeezing the passer to 3/4 track width


NASA CCR Appendix A. Discussion of Para 25.4.2 Punting.
The main purpose of the “¾ car width” rule is not to allow one driver to “squeeze” the other driver. The main purpose and intent is to alert the mind of the driver that is contemplating a pass that he/she may be “forced” to go two (2)wheels off-course to avoid a collision. Basically, this means that the overtaking driver must be certain that he/she can attempt the pass with room to spare, and must be prepared to take evasive action if necessary.

IMO this is telling us that the 3/4 rule is something the passer needs to be thinking about when he’s planning the pass. He needs to be prepared to keep both cars safe if, unexpectedly, all he’s given is 3/4 of a car width. It is not a rule that the passee can employ, once passer has the “right to be there”, to make life hard on the passer.

The above scenario exists once the passee has a wheel up to the driver. But just prior to passer’s wheel being up to the passee driver, passer doesn’t really have a right to be there at all, and that’s when a lot of our incidents occur. Different situation, but same banged up sheetmetal.

Thoughts? Examples? Videos?