Spec E30 Track Records


Bottom line up front: Track records have been updated through February 1st - use the “SpecE30 Records” link on the main menu, left side of the page.

For the past year or so, I’ve been maintaining the track records for SE30. Unfortunately, the website and I didn’t get along too well, so once I took over, the updates essentially stopped. Ranger apparently has finally beat the forum into submission, and it looks like I’ll be able to make updates now. Going forward, I’ll try to update at least once a month. Feel free to let me know if you think I’ve missed something or otherwise made an error.
Keep in mind that (in general) only laps from points-paying races count. I also try to track laps from BMWCCA club races, although they get an asterisk in the records.



Thanks, Cliff. The record keeping is a lot of work.

Now we have to work on getting racers to show up here instead of the facespace page that is basically good for entertaining folks that don’t get it.

Love you’se guys and really appreciate your post.

Now, pass me a Budweiser.



Thanks for the updates of the track records. Not an easy job!


Do qualifying races count towards lap records?


Qualifying races are pretty rare, but IMO it would be Cliff’s call as keeper of the records.



We count laps in points-paying races, so if the qualifying race counts toward season points, the record counts - otherwise, not. Of course, when I look at NASA timing and scoring results, there’s nothing that says “this is (or isn’t) a points paying race” but it’s usually pretty clear. If something looks questionable, I’l reach out to the regional director. Please let me know if I miss one.

One exception to the points rule: For east/west championship events, I’ll count laps from the preliminary and final races.

Let me know if you have any questions.



So-Cal does a qualifying race for points on most Sundays.

If the qual. races do count towards lap records then the Buttonwillow CW#13 needs to be updated. I nudged Buzzetti’s old record by 0.010. There are also a few others shuffled around on that list following our race there in October.

Besides, we can’t have Buzzetti on top of all of the Buttonwillow configurations! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your hard work on this Cliff. I can’t imagine the effort you put into this to keep it all up to date.


I fully agree with the need to mix up the top of the charts.

I’ll check on the qual races and get back with you soon.



If they count for points, they should count records. Besides, the word “Race” is in the title, so the times should count like any other race.


Records are up to date through this past weekend. There were changes for Willow Springs, Road Atlanta and MSR Cresson.



NOLA 2.75 As of: 5/24/2016
Rank Time Driver Date
1 2:02.753 Mark Issa 5/22/16
2 2:02.788 Brian Edmonds 5/22/16
3 2:02.838 Sandro Espinosa 5/22/16
4 2.04.127 Sean Aron 5/22/16
5 2:04.468 Christopher Tuttell 05/05/13
6 2:04.782 Oscar Edmonds 5/22/16
7 2:05.711 Roy Johnson 06/28/14
8 2:12.013 Richard E Bratton Jr 05/04/13


Thanks, Brian. Records are updated through weekend of 5/14-15. Most results from this past weekend are still provisional, so I’ll update when they are finalized.