SPEC E30 Assetto Corsa build


Update: Busy month at work. Trying my best to mix work/ real racing. I am back from willowsprings, I should have time now…end of excuses.

Hey everyone,

Here is my first take on making the SE30 in asseto corsa. Body is not ready, but everything else is pretty close.

Let me know what you guys think.


Cool, will check this out!


Hmm, I kept getting the error: content/cars/bmw_e30_se30/bmw_e30_325i.KN5 NOT FOUND!!!

I changed the .KN5 file that you had included to be bmw_e30_se30/bmw_e30_325i rather than se30 and that got it working. That was fine and dandy, but I got it going and then it didn’t have any sound. I changed the .bank file from bmw_e30_se30 to bmw_e30_325i to see if that worked, and then the car would no longer launch. I’d start a session, the client would think for few minutes and then just return to the menu with no error.

Any ideas?


Work doesn’t allow me to open up the file. I did change some of the coding inside. Do you you have the stock 325i installed?

In Data, check car.ini I do believe I changed the naming inside.


Found the error.

Basicly under Data in the bmw_e30_SE30, there is a file name lods.ini.

Replace what is inside with this:

I will update my google drive version. Sorry about the error. I should have time this week-end to finalize the car.


Tested it and I think the brakes are a bit too powerful. Is that just me?


Note taken, brakes sucked at first. Tire grip in sim racing should be driving ultimate braking grip, since there is 0 fade, but I could still change the mu.


For what it’s worth, I think Assetto Corsa is just a little fast in general. I just bought my first racing wheel and Assetto Corsa a week ago and within a few hours I was turning times at Putnam Park a couple seconds off the SE30 lap record in the stock 325i, and I know there is still a good bit of time to be gained. Seems way too fast to me. I was also comparing times at Laguna Seca in the M235i race car to real world times. I was again a couple seconds off the pole time from the PWC race last year and I have a huge amount of time yet to find; I’ve seen videos of guys turning times 3 seconds a lap under the pole time, which stretches the imagination a little.

As an aside, I’m a 3D artist, just let me know if there is anything I can do to help with this. I don’t work in the games industry, but I have education in that area.


Brilliant, I really didn’t have the time to get to this, work has been a constant time sink. Salaried yay.

I was thinking of grabbing the wheels for another car running 15s and replacing the current model. Stealing also the interior for the Race M3. That should give us a good impression of a spec e30 car.


Sounds good, I’ll start looking into what I need to do to extract the model and add some new stuff. I can model new wheels no problem. What do we see as the definitive SE30 wheel? Kosei? Jongbloed? Team Dynamics? Something I’m forgetting?


I run 949, but team dynamics do seem like the most used.


I’m hoping to get some time to work on this a little this weekend. I was looking at the files, is the model originally from the existing stock E30 325i AC mod, or did you create a new one? I’m just wondering if we have a version of the model that hasn’t been triangulated yet; that would make it much easier to make large changes.

Also, I’ve been reading the AC custom car pipeline document they provide, am I missing something or does the E30 not have any of the lower LoD models they typically require? The stock E30 appears to be this way also and it seems to run fine, so maybe it’s not an issue, but that’s another thing we could add to our list to fix if we so desired.


It’s a made car(not mine, I just “tuned it” to make it feel close to what we drive). So you are correct in your assessment. I will be running an enduro this week-end so I should be home Saturday evening until morning west coast time. Maybe we could get on discord and work this thing out.


Just added Assetto Corsa, any further updates to this SE30 model?


Interesting enough, you are the second person to mention this recently. No I have unfortunately not made any progress.


Well, I’ll add my 2c, in that I’d like to see this come to fruition when you have time. I can add no talent to the project, but I do have enthusiasm for it!