SPEC E30 Asseto corsa build


Update: Busy month at work. Trying my best to mix work/ real racing. I am back from willowsprings, I should have time now…end of excuses.

Hey everyone,

Here is my first take on making the SE30 in asseto corsa. Body is not ready, but everything else is pretty close.

Let me know what you guys think.


Cool, will check this out!


Hmm, I kept getting the error: content/cars/bmw_e30_se30/bmw_e30_325i.KN5 NOT FOUND!!!

I changed the .KN5 file that you had included to be bmw_e30_se30/bmw_e30_325i rather than se30 and that got it working. That was fine and dandy, but I got it going and then it didn’t have any sound. I changed the .bank file from bmw_e30_se30 to bmw_e30_325i to see if that worked, and then the car would no longer launch. I’d start a session, the client would think for few minutes and then just return to the menu with no error.

Any ideas?


Work doesn’t allow me to open up the file. I did change some of the coding inside. Do you you have the stock 325i installed?

In Data, check car.ini I do believe I changed the naming inside.


Found the error.

Basicly under Data in the bmw_e30_SE30, there is a file name lods.ini.

Replace what is inside with this:

I will update my google drive version. Sorry about the error. I should have time this week-end to finalize the car.


Tested it and I think the brakes are a bit too powerful. Is that just me?


Note taken, brakes sucked at first. Tire grip in sim racing should be driving ultimate braking grip, since there is 0 fade, but I could still change the mu.