Source for Goertze head gasket Feb 2022 Western US


Anybody have a source for a Goertze head gasket. I can get the Ireland kit but it comes with an Elring HG.
Is Elring fine or should I hold out for the Goertze?
Head is off now and at the machine shop so I need a
HG soon. BTW, a source in the West (i.e. shipping address is Chandler AZ) would be good.

Thanks in advance.


I need a good HG too, so I’ll be following the feedback here.


I got my Goetze from and side by side with an Elring there’s a significant difference. The silicone outlines are much more robust. I had my Elring fail last season and leak coolant out #3&4 on the exhaust side. They show sold out currently so fingers cross they become available again.


It’s rumored that a Felpro is actually a Goetze but I can’t confirm that


Thanks Robert. Not what I wanted to hear about the Elring as that’s what’s in the Ireland Kit. Too much work and expense to re and re the head to risk a dodgy gasket. Hopefully someone will respond with a source.



Normally Elring is excellent. We haven’t done an M20 head in a couple years so this isn’t good news for Elring. Must be bad batch. We don’t have any old stock any more. Marco Polo Independent BMW/Mini La Jolla CA


Thanks for the feedback, Marco. Think I’ll hold out a bit longer for a Goetze or spring for a Multi Layer Steel one. A lot more expensive but for a piker like me, this is a big job😀



Hi Rick,

Thanks for the email. Yeah, I tried all those sources at the time but nobody had a Goertze, only Victor Reinz, so I went with a MLS (read - very expensive) one from Ireland as I purchased a head gasket kit from them and they gave me a $40 credit on the Victor Reinz one that comes with the kit, towards the MLS. As I was doing all but the machine work on the head myself, this was quite a big job for me and I didn’t want to do it again anytime soon.