Rules of the road (per state) for towing race cars


Inspired by the Facebook story(ies) about the trip to WGI for 2016 Eastern Nationals, this thread is intended as a resource for links to documents which relate to towing cars to and from a track, or really anywhere, I guess. I intend to have a copy, either physical or digital (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.), in my possession at all times when I go to a track event, so I can defend myself if I get pulled over, and am actually within the rules, which are, to be honest, all over the place, depending on what state you happen to be in at that moment. :ohmy: Since Scott Gress made the effort to dig this up first, I will post the one for New Yawk at the top:

New York state Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers’ License Class Descriptions links to state trailer laws by state (map)

Alabama Department of Public Safety - License requirements and restrictions

California DMV License Classes

Georgia Department of Driver Services - Driver’s License Classes

Louisiana Department of Public Safety Office of Motor Vehicles - Classes of Licenses and Age Requirements

Mississippi - Classes of Licenses

North Carolina Driver’s License types

South Carolina DMV - Driver License Classes

Texas Department of Public Safety - Classes of Driver’s Licenses