Redline MT-85 GL-4 in SE30 transmission?


Hi, new to Spec E30, but not tracking cars. Tried searching for this, but could not find anything. Just got a new to me SE30 and the PO said he used Redline 75W90 in the trans. I believe this is a GL-5 fluid, and I think I should be using a GL-4 fluid.

Found some previous postings tha tlisted the three types of fluids based on the trans label, and I believe I have a no label, so Redline MTL seems to be acceptable (not saying the “right choice” because not trying to start a trans fluid war).

Now, I have a bunch of Redline MT-85, which is a 75W85 GL-4 fluid. I use this in my G35, which has soft notoriously synchros and specifies a GL-4 fluid for that reason. It it safe to use MT-85 in my SE30? Or just go with the MTL?



ATF, change yearly.


Man, 2 hours spent reading old trans fluid threads to arrive at MTL, and then you answer with ATF. Many thanks.


Redline mtl. we run it in all of our cars and see great results. getting 5+ years out of gearboxes in rental race cars is a good testimonial.


MTL always for me. Once a year. Never had an issue.


325E, speedo broken at 280k. ITA Car is 8 years old on same trans with ATF. YRMV:P


Thanks all.