Red Mist in CCA club race at VIR


Watch these clips in order. I wasn’t there but I believe that tar and feathers was ordered up for the instigator. In a borrowed car no less.


Almost worked.

Brakes failed?


Nope. That was his move.


But that move always works on my playstation.


Not good.

I remember the exact same move on the inside of turn 1 at the CR Oktoberfest event at Barber a couple years ago. Fred has video goodness. Was like watching e36 bumper cars in front of us. Driver said his brakes failed, an explanation that would have worked better had he not completed another couple laps at full speed.


Looks like a Kish move.


I saw both videos a couple weeks ago on a BMW forum. My comment was that I was glad the Drivegear SpecE30 didn’t get damaged in the carnage. Seemed like the dive bomber felt he was being squeezed and reacted a little too much getting two tires off and then was unable to get his braking done prior to turn 1.


I met the guy that owns the car - you say it was borrowed? Can you post a link from the BMW forum it was sourced from? The owner is a very level headed older gentleman “of means” and I can’t see him driving like that.


Can’t help you there. Friends who were at the event sent me the video clip links


Red mist, no. Abject stupidity…HELL YES:blush:


Simply amazing.


Looks like he put a couple of tires off in the dirt and consequently couldn’t get his braking done in time. Now if he chased the guy with a tire iron afterwards, THAT would be red mist.