Race Capture Pro


Anybody use this? I need to add data acquisition as well as better gauges to my car. It’s either use this and an Android device as the display, or buy an AiM Solo and go with some standalone gauges.

I’ve used the AiM in the past and it was very useful. The data analysis software is great, and is a known commodity for me.

This year, I’ve been using an Android phone already to get some rough lap times. I like the idea of the Race Capture Pro, but the weak link for me is the analysis software - I know nothing about what can be used to analyze the data you get from it.

So again, anybody using one of these or have any thoughts on it?




I have an RCP2. I have a Nexus 7 tablet as my screen.

First off this is a very DIY/ tech project solution. It is not a main stream solution yet.

I really like it in the car. I have added a shift light and things seem to work ok. If you have cell service at the track (in the car) the telemetry to race-capture.com is fun and works ok as well.

doing the data analysis in real software like GEMS is a little hard to get setup and takes time.

Pros: it is a fun project if your a techie.
it is cheap~ish . I think the base unit is up to 499 with bluetooth, but then you have to add a phone/tablet (i had extra), and mount
You can program/expand it as long as you can do some basic programming.
always getting new updates and features
team seem to be committed to improving the product

Cons: You need to be a techie
poor user guides for non techies
lack of Quick easy comprehensive data analysis. (they are working on fixing this) Race-capture.com is ok but not great for comparing multi events/drivers/days
There are always new updates
no camera integration (but you can program that in)

Would I buy it again? I love tech projects, and I love the opensouce nature of the product, so YES.
For a someone that only cares about racing and becoming a better driver. get a Traqmate or more mainstream DA


One more thing to add. The real time telemetry is amazing for endurance racing. I dont think you can get that with many other club racing systems


Yeah, I’m a techie/programmer type, so this really appealed to me. Sounds like somebody has a Perl script available to translate the data into something readable by GEMS.

On a lark, I placed a lowball bid on an AiM Solo and wound up winning it, much to my surprise. So it looks like I’m going that route. I’m thinking of putting an Arduino based system together to monitor pressures/temps and activate warning lights. Not nearly as powerful as the RCP, but it will do.

Still not ruling this out for the future, though.


How much did you steal that for? I have been looking for a good deal on a used one for awhile.


How much did you steal that for? I have been looking for a good deal on a used one for awhile.[/quote]

It was three bills for a brand new one, plus an additional handlebar mount that I’ll end up selling. That’s right around what I got for my last one when I sold it used.


To do math channels in analyses you need GEM Pro which isn’t free. It is unclear if they are even allowed to mention GEM at this time.

They also have new models that are more expensive. And only the top model has GLONASS in the GPS.

The tablet dash connects via Bluetooth. Is that a reliable solution when getting the car out on the grid and the track? What happens if it loses the connection?

They seem to only sell through dealers…and their list isn’t impressive.

It does a lot on the capture, especially for CAN based sensors. And there are some great CAN sensors out there.

If it had a real dash or even wired connection to the tablet, a real analysis solution, and a decent dealer network or sold directly it would be more interesting.