Programmable Dash and Data Logger


The other day Kish pointed me towards Race Capture Pro. Apparently it’s a very programmable data logger with a bezillion inputs and outputs and can communicate with an Android tablet via Bluetooth. So potentially you could connect a bunch of sensors to it and not only log data, but also configure a display of gauges to do whatever you want.

The system is darn cheap too. $500 gets the base unit w/ GPS and Bluetooth. Near as I can tell all you’d need to do is buy sensors and a cheap Android tablet.

I have prob $2500 worth of data and gauges in the car. Heck, I spent $300 this week. I’ve gone thru prob another $1500 over the years with various gauge experiments. If I had it to do all over again I’d absolutely get this Race Capture device.

Since it has programmable outputs it could easily control your cooling fan, synch your camera(s) with data, or whatever else you can dream up when you’re bored.

Consider what a fully programmable dash would mean. Instead of having separate sensors for gauges and switches for warning lights, you could have the entire display flash red, or pink if that’s your inclination. That means all switches in your plumbing go away. Take a look at the best digital dashes out there like the TraqDash and whatever else. Then emulate the features you like on the Android tablet. Dang this could be cool.


Scott. The guys at ASL definitely put together a great product. They are sponsors of the BMW CCA Endurance Racing Series and a number of our cars including the car I co-drive is running RaceCapture Pro. It’s awesome to be able to get real time telemetry, esp in an endurance race. The new programmable dash is very neat and comes at a great price point. I would approach Brent and Kelley directly for more information. I added them to the SE30 FB group pending your approval, all mighty admin :slight_smile: