Other Series


So im sure this a stupid question but what other series can a Spec E30 car run in?


We are an officially recognized class in BMWCCA Club Racing. There’s a lot of other orgs, some national, some regional, that will happily take your money and let you race with them. But the class they fit you in may be populated by cars that are all faster then yours. So it’s one thing to race in another org’s class, it’s another thing to be competitive in that class.

Another possibility is that of putting together something on your own. On a couple occasions, we’ve worked out a race weekend with a vintage racing org. Just have to get enough of your buddies to commit that the org is willing to give you your own sessions.


You can be competitive in SCCA ITS class. Car can run as is, or three changes can make it very competitive. 4.10 diff, MegaSquirt, and R7 Hoosiers. Damn good one running at Road Atlanta by Matt Reppert.


And by the way, in the latest Nats at RA, he turned 1:41.5s!!


Others are mentioning different sanctioning bodies.

Other race series could be Performance Touring (PT) and German Touring Series (GTS)


OKay cool! I just wanna do as many races possible without having to change parts of the car every time besides tire regulations.