Newbie, aspiring to SpecE30


Hello lady’s and gentleman’s😉

Thank you for accepting me and I would like to introduce myself.
I’m Julian Garbacea (… a Transilvanian- Romanian name :wink:), born in '78 leaving in West Palm beach, Florida. Like all of you here I’m a car enthusiast since early ages . Everithing started long ago , back in Europe, Romania , where I was “exposed” to auto racing , rally and hill climbe. My home town, Brasov, was and still is the place that holds most of the auto racing events during a calendaristic year. So obviously as a kid I was dreaming about ,…that day…:wink:.
So,here I m after long time, in this Great Country, working hard and fulfilling my dreams.
Since 2010 I had started doing autocross with a 07 STi ( a child hood dream😉), then I “upgraded” to a Miata, NA, and discovered the Track Day events .This was something that close to my dreams😉. After time I had exchanged couple of NB’s ,but,dreaming about something more serious, more of a different car. Not long ago ,last year I decided to try my verry first bmw.
The model was obvious for me, E30, the car I grew up in Europe, the one that everyone want it in the 90’s in my country after the revolution.
I started to do some research, and found one in Lawrenceville GA. Because the nature of my job, I could go and take it in short time.
It’s a 87 E, well I know, some would say , why an E?
For me, being my first e30 ,works ok, I need to learn it the way it is.
Then I started to look for the forums , gatherings, bmw culture, racing etc.
I remember my first discussion was with Mr Gress , I called to find out about the Spec E30.I had a great conversation and was advised to check out the Florida region group. Great advice that lead me to another great person, Carlos Mendez.
Since I started the conversation with Carlos allot of things started to take great shape, and under his advice my future target is set!
So far I take my time and read as much as I can, checking both platforms of communication and “religiously” doing monthly trackday’s getting to know this great car and hopping to join soon the amateur racing.
Hope you enjoyed my long :wink: introduction :wink:🖒:oncoming_automobile:


Welcome! (And excellent name! :slight_smile: )


Also, that car looks beautiful!


Thanks allot, Sir Julian :wink:,
Atleast, in the pictures​:joy: , to be an eye “catcher”… 🖒:ok_hand::oncoming_automobile::red_car:


Welcome, Julian! I am new to the E30 scene myself, and am also taking it slowly. I agree, that car’s almost too pretty to race.


Welcome Julian. I’ll see you at a track sometime soon I hope.


Hello !
Thanks allot,where are you leave? I’m in Florida , East.


Thanks allot!
Looking forward too, slowly but surely :wink::oncoming_automobile::ok_hand:


I live on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, in a small town called Fairhope.


Not that far , do you attended any trackday’s, hpde’s in your area?


Welcome @JUL178. Hopefully you can join us at Sebring on April 21-22 to meet some of the other guys.


I normally try to go to NASA events at NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans, Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL, and I’ve been to Road Atlanta once. I would very much like to go to Roebling near Savannah, GA, but it’s actually the longest drive of the four for me. It’d be 7-8 hours with a trailer, one way.


Thanks allot sir!
Trying to figure out my work plans for that date, but would be great to take a trip at Sebring along with other e30’s , like last year we did at National’s :wink:🖒:oncoming_automobile:.


Well that’s great , atleast you have some nice palaces to practice .I never drove on anyone of them, yet​:wink:, but for sure I drove by all of them manny times​:wink:. ( being a over the road semi driver I got to see manny places every day​:wink::joy::joy::joy:).
I’m 20 min to PBIR ( ex Moroso) ,and not that far from Sebring, Homestead.
Do you track day a e30?or other brand?


Yes, @JUL178, my track car is a SpecE30, I just haven’t gotten to the point where I can attend Comp School yet.


So nice to get the real feeling in a spec car.
At the end of this year or beginning of next one I was thinking to buy a spec car,until then I’m playing with my 325e. I’m regularly checking the adds to see how the market moves.