New camera solution, Mobius


Over the past couple weeks I pulled out my old Aiptek cameras and went with 2 Mobius cameras. Credit to Rich Bratton for pointing me towards them.


Geek thread

Charms of the Mobius cameras.

  1. Cheap. $70 on ebay.

  2. Work with vehicle power or battery power so no worries about charging batteries or a hard bump hiccuping vehicle power.

  3. Auto synch multiple cameras. You can configure them to start recording when they get vehicle power. So you could start multiple cameras with a flip of a single switch and all video would by synched. This is a big deal. Cameras power off 30sec after turning switch off so they can ride out a 29sec loss of vehicle power.

  4. Standard 1/4" mount so you’re not tied to custom mounts like GoPro, nor do you have to use a beefy mount like a heavy vid cam requires. I’m using RAM Mounts which come in every shape and size imaginable. Positioning my Aiptek cameras was harder because of limitations of their old mounts.

  5. Configurable with a Windows GUI.

  6. A cheap cable will allow you to connect a video screen for aiming. I use a screen from a video player that we used to use in the car for the kids.

  7. IMO the angle of view at 30fps is perfect for us. 60fps is supposed to be a narrower view, but I’ve not played with that.

  8. 1080 and 720.


Can’t wait to see it at RA


Any pics of the install yet?


Mobius video sample from my last race at Road Atlanta:

The video quality is outstanding for the price.


The quality does look good. Good price to. Have you tried using RaceRender (or some other app) to over data on the video?


I use RaceRender routinely to do PictureInPicture. Usually for adding the data I use the native Traqmate app called TraqStudio, but once I did use RaceRender to add the data. I don’t recall why I ended up going that route that one time. Worked well enough.


I just bought 3 of these to run my 3 Mobius camera. Fewer failure points than a cigarette lighter to USB adapter.


The Traqmate TraqDash is now compatible with Mobius so the TM will turn the camera on/off. Compatibility with the older Display Unit is supposed to be coming.


your argument for this device is pretty one sided


[quote=“jtower” post=77201]your argument for this device is pretty one sided[/quote] This isn’t a magazine review. I am under no obligation to find warts.
-Sunny Optimist.


Good thread though.
Someone kept sticking things on my car in my mums private carpark, they stuck nails under the tyres, and damaged the paint, I was looking for a cam to catch them in the act, but lucky for them they moved out before I decided whether or not to buy one, Like you OP, I found I was baffled by all the choices, and gave up looking…


Reviving this thread…

Which lens are you guys using on the Mobius camera? There is a wide angle lens and a standard lens available. Thoughts on either?


Rich and I are using the standard lens. I think Fred is also.


good deal…