National contingencies


OG Racing. Crash your car get a new seat for 1/2 off.


Toyo Tires.

Program description.

Things to note:
Just need 9 racers for deep Toyo Bucks.

19 racers means double bucks.

How to redeem Toyo Bucks


Winding Road Racing Contingency (National). Summary: Payout ranges from store credit of $125 to $10. It’s a little non-standard. You can, for example, get $10 credit for finishing a race and $25 for sending them a vid of your first lap.

In order to be eligible, you have to sign up on their site and wear the decals.

Decal placement. Pick 2 of the 3 indicated locations.


1st, $100 BW certificate
6th, Box of PFC brake pads, SpecE30 fitment
11th, $50 gift certificate

Decal requirement.

  1. of Decals: 2 BimmerWorld, 2 Performance Friction (required to claim 6th place pad award)

  2. Details. For BimmerWorld Certificates, one blue background with white/yellow/gray bar 2.5” x 11” (not the 8” decal) decal must be placed on each front fender of the vehicle unless written approval is on file from James at BimmerWorld.

For Performance Friction contingency, car must display the official white background Performance Friction decal on the front position of the front fender in front of tire opening, with no other brake supplier decals on the car. Finisher must produce an invoice or order number for their prior purchase of Performance Friction Spec E30 fitment brake pads from BimmerWorld dated within six months of the race date.

  1. All decals are available directly from BimmerWorld upon request with any purchase.

A lot of us used to wear die-cut decals of the same size, or larger, but in colors that better matched the car’s decal scheme. There’s less tolerance for that sort of thing now. So if you feel strongly that your die-cut decals are sufficiently fabulous that James is going to love them, send him a pic of your decal and get a thumbs up from him. What you don’t want to do is end up in the situation where you’re won a contingency and then you end up sending James a pic of your die-cut decal that he’s not seen before. That puts him in the difficult position of wanting to say “no” because you clearly ignored his guidance yet wanting to say “yes” because he loves SpecE30.

Award details.
Saturday race only. If no Saturday race, designate the alternative race prior to event. Race must have 3 finishers that complete >1/2 of finishers.

To claim contingency, email with:

  1. Two recent pictures of your car showing both sides fully.
  2. A link to the official race results of your finishing position on
  3. The order number of your PFC brake pad purchase (for PFC award)
    . Contingency Claim forms must be submitted within 30 days from when official results are posted for each eligible event.
    . Payout of BimmerWorld is in the form of credit for use in the BimmerWorld store.
    . Only one certificate can be used per purchase.
    . Credits expire 90 days after processing.


Hawk Contingency program. Cliffnotes.
$150 certificate for 1st.
$100 for 2nd.
$75 for 3rd.

Need 2 decals on your car. Note that if you have Hawk decals on your car, you won’t be eligible for BW’s PFC contingency. Must get certificate at event prior to leaving event and going home.


New Bimmerworld Contingency. James Clay and BW has been a SpecE30 sponsor for more than a decade. In order to explore different ways to maintain their relationship with SpecE30, they’re going to try something different. The text below is from James.

Our goal with contingency has always been to help racers (who make up a large, and to me very important part of our customer base) that we have a relationship with based on their participation. We have tried different strategies over the thee years of our contingency program, including random drawings and varying payout finishing positions, but the same problems always remained - we were consistently NOT reaching a vast majority of our customers, unless they happened to get lucky and land on the right spot. And while I seriously love the guys that seem to win the majority of the weekends (which is AWESOME, and the aspiration of racing), from a contingency standpoint this hasn’t accomplished our primary goal of reaching more people, and has had a negative effect on program participation.

For 2017, we are reverting back to a relationship-based customer program, similar to a customer loyalty or customer rewards program in other retail industries. But past discounts and a better pricing level on parts, the main difference at BimmerWorld has always been our involvement with your racing program. Our value to most in advice and planning, and generally a helping hand inside the industry goes a long way, and our past contingency program was mostly about “run a decal, get X” - which does not build this relationship with our customers that we also value. But we also certainly appreciate and respect that our customers also work with other shops, many of whom are BimmerWorld partner shops, who have tremendous value to your program, and we are not looking to displace those relationships.

How do you get started? Contact your BimmerWorld salesman to discuss the program. We do require a current race licence and a copy of 2016 or 2017 race results for this program, focused on active racers, but we develop relationships with customers across all levels of motorsport participation.

Whether you participate moving forward or not, thanks for your past participation, and more than anything, thank you for getting out there and racing!