Looking for a simple action cam


I love my Contours but my +2 is biting the dust. I’ve gotten zero video from two events and the company seems to be teetering on the brink of insolvency so replacement isn’t a real option.

I like the contour because it is dead nuts simple. There is a big, dumb, Fischer-Price style slider on the top that starts and stops recording. It’s big enough that I can operate it with gloves on and feel what position it’s in. It’s also streamlined so I can mount it on a helmet without having a giant box on the side.

Is there anything like this out there currently? Streamlined, easy to operate, reliable?


A friend of mine recently bought an Ion camera. Not sure of the model, and haven’t gotten any feedback from him, but he had the same desires. He (perhaps foolishly) included his Contour when I bought his SE30 several years ago, and he was looking for something similar.


Ion is part of Contour, and is unfortunately out of business as well.

Although it looks like some cameras are still available. That might work, but I’m not sure I want to buy from another bankrupt company.


It looks like the fixed focus on that cam is 3.3’ to infinity, which means the gauges will be blurry if it’s mounted to the roll bar.


Do a search here for Mobius.



They are not current but you can find them for short money on Ebay, Cisco Flip Cam. I think they come in 4gb and 8gb flavors and they have a standard cam mount (like from i/o port) threaded into the base. Very good video capture, I use a little not super dense foam rubber over the the Mic to defeat wind noise

These were all captured on one


And all these are Flip video