Is this the only Spec E30 forum


There are very few new posts or threads. Some areas haven’t had a new post in years…some as many as 6 years. Even this general discussion thread has less than a half-dozen threads updated in the past 2 months.

Is there another forum that Spec E30 racers use? Have all the questions that can be asked been already answered? Are all the posts hiding somewhere? Is there a reason it is generally inactive?


99% of the traffic is on the fb site. Link at upper left.


contact me with any specific needs. I assume you are in NJ?


Andrew, I certainly will! :slight_smile: Actually, I already have!

Facebook doesn’t provide the search and organizational features of a forum. Spec Racer Ford and Spec Miata have both. Facebook becomes more of a show and tell of accomplishments (e.g. 'look at my new <car|paint|clutch|etc.>) while the forum is where more technical issues are discussed (e.g., on Spec Miata, my car was hit in the front fender, does the chassis need to be replaced (the answer was yes)).

I have lots of questions. Have drivers installed dead pedals? What seat do they use? What data acquisition do they use? Have any of the front runners at NJMP posted videos with data acquisition, especially throttle position?

I also have NASA mixed class driving questions, some specific to what driver’s did in posted videos.

I just don’t see how those become a discussion when Facebook pushes the topic down as more topics are added.


I agree with everything you’re saying, but human nature pulls folks to fb’s format. FB is a terrible place for any thread that might have lasting value. My suggestion would be to post your issues here and then do a post in fb that says "hey guys, pls go to the forum and talk to me about .

If, on fb, you make the mistake of providing details re. what it is that you want to talk about, even if you tell folks to pls leave their answers in your forum thread, folks will instead answer on fb.


About time someone posted on the forum!

It’s too bad people have migrated to FB. The forum is a great place to compare notes, bantering back and forth, plan BBQ’s etc. Since FB is not for all of us I think the whole SpecE30 community loses!