Incidents, damage, DQ and suspension


The NASA CCR has a framework for penalizing drivers that cause damage.

Cliffnotes. The damage has to be pretty severe before the “Incident Review Board” is going to consider penalizing the driver at fault. The general guidance for penalty in the above scenario is a 1 race suspension.


[i]27.1 Purpose and Intent
The Incident Review Board (IRB) is an optional tool that the Race Director may use. Not all regions, series, or Race Directors will use an IRB.

27.4.2 Damage
Damage from an incident is limited to the following definition: Any sheet metal, fiberglass, or other body material, deformity significant enough to cause the NASA Officials to enforce the “50/50 rule,” thus requiring repairs. Damage to suspension or other mechanical components are not included in this definition. Damage to plastic or vinyl bumper covers, trim pieces, splitters, marker lights; and marks from tire rubs, are not considered damage for the purposes of this section.

27.11 Issuing Penalties
The IRB may choose to issue any penalty for any infraction. However, it is highly recommended that they follow closely with what is published in the rulebook. Any deviation from what is published without due proof of mitigating circumstance may be grounds for appeal. The following is a list of suggested penalties for the listed infraction:

  1. Contact bumper to bumper with no deviation and no damage: No penalty
  2. Any sheet metal contact with no damage and no deviation: No penalty
  3. Any contact causing deviation, with no damage, but loss of a position: Reposition
  4. Any contact resulting in “damage” as defined by these guidelines: One (1) race suspension
  5. Any contact resulting in a “punt” as defined by these guidelines: Disqualification
  6. Any contact resulting in damage and punt: Disqualification and one (1) race suspension
  7. Passing under a standing yellow or double yellow: Reposition to last place (minimum)
  8. Passing under waving yellow and / or over-driving any yellow: Disqualification (minimum)

These are general guidelines for standard penalties. They may be additive or multiplicative depending on the situation and the person’s past record. The IRB may invoke more severe penalties for repeated violations. Any deviation from these guidelines should be justified in the report to the Race Director.[/i]