How to ID an e motor vs. i motor??


I am looking at a donor car, originally a 325is. But the motor was changed out 2 years ago. I want to make sure the engine is the i version. What is an easy way to ID which motor is in the car? (I know the intake manifold is different. Do both use the same bottom end.) This car’s intake manifold, throttle body, air filter and exhaust manifolds look like the i setup, but I have not measured dimensions. (I am concerned because I’ve heard of e into i swaps and mixed motors in some cars.) one pic is attached.
Thanks for the help.


That is definitely an M20B25 intake manifold an the head should have 885 on it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the engine is an M20B25 as it could be a “budget stroker”, which is an ETA or SuperETA bottom end and i top end, harness, & DME. The only way I know of to determine if the engine is a hybrid would be to have a look at the pistons and/or measure stroke.


The motors have different drives and if you are looking out for details regarding the motor then go to servo drive repair. Hope this helps you.Thanks.