How About a Game of "Let's Count the F-Bombs?"


Most of you have seen my video clip of the “dog pile” wreck in Turn 2 at Thunderhill back in May. In fact there were 3000+ hits the first week it was posted on Vimeo.

There happens to be a little more funny stuff following the wreck. I showed this clip to Gary Rieger (the “F-Bomber Pilot”)and he thought it was hilarious and gave me the OK to post the clip.

It’s Friday night…go grab a beer and let’s play “Count the F-Bombs”?

Let’s Play Count the F-Bombs

If there are kids around…better have them leave the room :blink:

BTW…Gary got his car repaired and raced at Buttowillow last month…he did really well and won the Hard Charger Award in the California Crown main event by moving up 8 positions (Q17 P9). He won a killer carbon fiber Sampson radio head set and $100 cash from North Bay Bavarian.


We counted 13.
If anyone wants to see the damage to Gary’s car,, I’ll try to get some post repair pictures up tomorrow.


He shows good restraint, he could have kicked the cars and broke his foot….


I only counted 11. I love how you can see him in the rear view and still picked up the audio.