Hard hit at Thunderhill




WTF–Looks like someone needs glasses.


I would like to know the NASA ruling on this one. Did the Little blue car have a mechanical, why did he almost come to a stop?
The Corvette didn’t want to pass the blue car under a yellow and the miata maybe didn’t see the yellow? Ugly


The corvette parked it due to the yellow/white car in the grass. Looks like the miata made a reasonable effort to avoid but big tires and downforce won the braking contest. Shame on the corvette.


if you look the corvette pass under yellow going down into 10
for what i can see :blink:
it looks like the flag was out at the flag station


Wow, that Corvette driver made a really poor decision. Forget about passing under local yellow. From what I can see, both the Vette and the Miata had already cleared the Legends car before the turn. Pass was completed. Slamming your brakes to avoid passing someone is really stupid when someone is on your bumper. Make the pass and deal with the consequences later. Instead there were two wrecked cars. Fail.


Miata should have seen yellow, don’t what was going on with legends car but couldn’t Bette and miata see yellow earlier?