Ground Control Koni


Sorry for the slightly off topic suspension question.

I have an alternative to the SE30 suspension I use for IT. But I need shorter shocks to make this kit work correctly.

Does anyone know how long/short the front and the rear Koni shocks are?

I need to plan to make changes here and I can’t find any confirmation from GC or Bilstein.



On my IT car, from my 2004 notes, I showed 18" from the bottom eye to the flat on the shock shaft (the part that would sit aganist the spherical bearing on top).


Thanks Chuck.

The shortened length is the only way I’m going to make this car work on the bumpy tracks I’m running on.


OK, there is a really important piece of information I just found out. The Koni shock GC uses is a “8641-1198 SPGC”. This is a proprietary shock used by GC for the E30 that they have made for their customers. This body is the same dimension as the Corrado, but it’s not a Corrado spec, it’s an E30 spec that GC designed for themselves. The 8641-1198 SPT is the Corrado spec and the SPGC is the “Sport Ground Control” specific design.

So don’t go making that assumption or you’ll be sorry!