Getting together an order for SE 30 Flags


folks I have gotten a request for a flag and we are all out at the moment. I need to get a total of 6 ordered to make it work. they will be 3’ x 5’ white with the SE30 logo printed one side. Cost is $55.00 plus shipping. Please let me know if you want one. thanks


Andrew, are these the same quality as the previous ones? If so, I’m in for one.
Cliff Pearce


cliff they are but only one sided this time. the last time the flags were 75.00 each with two sides. folks thought they were a little pricey


I’d love one! Can you ship one to NorCal?


yes I can ship to Norcal, give me your name and I will put you on the list


Oops. PM’d.


Any left?


Yes. Email me andrewz at atzpromos dot com


Hey Andrew!
I’m interested in a flag too, shipped to 33411?