Fanatec pedals and wheel


I just picked up a set of Fanatec Club Sport pedals to see if having better brakes will make sim racing more valuable as a training/practice tool. I tried iRacing before but my pedals were borrowed and the brakes would either not slow the car or lock all 4 up so I spent most of my time crashing. These club sport pedals have a load cell and a sweet clutch pedal that has variable pressure so it feels like a real clutch that “lets go” once it’s halfway in.

Anyone else make the upgrade and find it made their computer time useful?


I am still using the G25 setup but hear these Fanatec pedals are the bees knees. :stuck_out_tongue:


Has anyone checked to see how much brake pedal deflection there is in the Fanatecs versus the G27s where the brake pedal meets the rest of the plastic?


Fanatecs (at least club sport v2) are all metal so… none?


Follow up on this… I didn’t get any COTA seat time before I headed down in the sim but I did try a full-motion one at COTA. 3 monitor, full hydraulics, driving an indy car on Infineon (how convenient!) Got motion sickness after two laps. Ugh. I think I like the fixed ones. :slight_smile: