Eastern States Championship


Here’s the paddock situation for the East Coast Champs:
The not so good news – National won’t give us an official reserved spot in the paddock, it will be up to us to create one ourselves upon arrival.
The good news – WGI has a ton of space available, and a lot of restrooms, and we can use any of it. If a decent number of people are paying for early entry it should be pretty easy to stake out a good spot (Area marked 1 on the WGI map Jon Felton sent out last week may be good). If no one is doing the early entry we can always grab some land and make a legit compound further away from the garages. Should be easy, just slightly less convenient.
As the event gets closer and we know when everyone will be arriving, we can dial in the plan. I will try to find out from the track which restroom buildings will be open for the event as well.

Some discussion has started on the Spec E30 facebook page, but Ranger pointed out it will get buried eventually there so I’m posting the info here too so everyone can keep track of it.


I have linked two paddock area maps from the event page to help with this. One shows power locations. http://nasachampionships.com/east-event/


Yeah, keep us posted. There are some of us who don’t use Facebook :unsure: Yeah, I know, heresy!