Diff Clutch Replacement guide


Courtesy Chuck Taylor (Factory3 Performance)E30_Limited_Slip_Clutch_Disc_Replacement.pdf (1.7 MB)


Note that there might be an error in this guide. Chuck says that the 8mm socket cap bolts should be tightened to 10ftlbs. That seems low to me because 15-19ftlbs is more common for an 8mm bolt and these are fine thread and going into steel, not iron. Both reasons for the torque to be a teensy bit higher than what is common for a coarse thread bolt. Chuck also says no Locktite speced, but he chose to use it himself.

This source says 10ftlbs + 40deg and directs to use Locktite. The E36 Diff Thread

I just did 160inlbs (call it 13.3ftlbs) and used Locktite. I wish now I’d done it a bit tighter, but I can’t be bothered to pull the SOB apart for the 3rd time. I figure if the diff hung together for Chuck, it will hang together for me.