Data Acquisition, Race Capture Pro


There is a new start up company out of Washington that is building a open source and affordable data acquisition system for racers.

They offer both a data logger box ($299) and a cellular based live internet data streaming module ($150)

This looks very promising for those drivers who are really looking to improve their driving. It can also warn pit crews to potential problems with the car before the driver even knows using the live data stream.

Check it out at:

Race Capture Pro puts at your disposal:

High Frequency 10Hz GPS for accurately tracking your position in the world
Precision 3 Axis digital accelerometer to measure G-forces in all directions
Yaw Sensor to measure car rotation and detect oversteer and understeer conditions
Sensor Inputs to measure engine temperature, throttle / brake position, boost pressure, wheel speed, RPM and more
Hardware expansion to add OBD-II and CAN interface upgrades
All in a compact, rugged enclosure you’d be proud to show off.

E30 Motor Werks


Looks very cool. I will have to check it out when I get home.