COTA Memorial Day thread


I’m definitely in. Between Walter Araya getting a 8pax trailer, and Espinosa/Issa having a pair of 3 car trailers, someone will surely have room for my car.

List of folks that are in
Mark Issa
Scott Gress
Walter Araya
Fred Switzer
John Clark

Who else? How about some FL and Mid-Atl types? I’m not talking about “maybe”, I’m talking about “yes, I’m definitely in”.
Rob Eskew?
Dave Hickey?


Dad and I are in.


I’m in. Ready to give money to someone that will coordinate getting my car there. -Barry


Any ballpark on car transport costs?


I just talked to a rep at DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers). If we can fill his trailer (7 or 8 cars), he’ll do $500 each way from Atlanta.


Per car. So $1,000 per person.




I am planning on going, but won’t know for about a month for sure. If I go, I will have space for one more car in the trailer.



Walter Araya has a couple spaces remaining on the truck that he’s coordinating for.

You guys that are talking to car-shippers about this, let me give you a word of, I dunno, pessimism. I tried to put this exact sort of thing together for a big SE trip out to Laguna Seca for the 2015 West Coast Champs. Initially we had >20 folks that said they were in so I coordinated for 2x 10pax trucks. But when it came time to put down a deposit, every single person backed out. So altho I totally commend you for taking the bit in your teeth and working to make this happen, I worry that you’ll end up punked and irritated. Expect many of the folks that talk to you about getting on your truck, to later back out. Get commitments from 2x the cars your truck can actually take. Then require deposits early so you can determine who is “really” committed in time to find people to fill the remaining vacancies.


Ya. I wasn’t planning on taking any credit risk. Walter - happy to chip in on costs if I can hitch my car to your wagon. :slight_smile:


Walter, I’m in too. What the hell! :cheer: :cheer:


What the hell, aint getting any younger, I’m in too.


So, this is my first “ship the car” experience. What do most who ship their cars do? Drive their support vehicle to the track and meet their car? Fly to the track and do an “arrive and drive” with the hopes that they will not have any mechanical issues? [said sarcastically, as there are E30s]. I’m a noob at this…