CotA: March 20-22, 2015


I’m in. Registered yesterday, plus a garage for the weekend. Mark should be in, too. Kelly? Robert? Tim? Zach? Dan?


Can you give some background on this event? Maybe it’s a NASA MidS event and someone else is doing a Friday trackday?


It’s the BMWCCA Club Race. NASA-only License Holders are VERY Welcome. Last two years there have been two morning practices, a quali and race on Friday, a warm-up quali and two races on Saturday and a combined warm-up/quali and 1 hour enduro on Sunday.

Registration for the event:

Info from BMWCCA CR site:
Event Details:
Club Race at Circuit of the Americas
Race or School: This is a BMW CCA Club Race.
Event Type: Regular Event
Event Location: Club Race at Circuit of the Americas
Event Start Date: Mar 20, 2015
Event End Date: Mar 22, 2015
Registration Opens Date: Oct 17, 2014
Registration Closes Date: Mar 19, 2015
Event Info: NOTE (added 10/26/14): If you can’t register on the CR website due to license renewal issues, please sign up and pay on motorsportreg. Payment time will take precedence over signing up on the CR web site.

The Lone Star Chapter is proud to announce that the Texas Trifecta will be back at Circuit of the Americas on March 20-22, 2015. You heard all the good things about the event the past 2 years, so don’t miss this event.

This race will take place on the full 3.4 mile Gran Prix course. The entry fee will be $749 for 3 days of racing. Schedule is still TBD, but it looks like this: Friday- practice, qualifying and race. Saturday warmup/qualifying, 2 races. Sunday warmup/qualifying and a 1 hour enduro. Expect another outing to the now world famous Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill.

Payments will be accepted by credit card this year via motorsportreg.Link is here:

If you want a garage you will chose that one the motorsportreg page. Garages will be $85/day/spot. Garages will have 4 spots each. Preference given to 3 day rentals then 2 day rentals, no one day rentals accepted.

The goal is to have at least 60 cars this year. The past 2 years we have had a number of late cancels that have brought the car counts down. We will be looking at inviting other clubs (PCA, NASA) if we need to to achieve 60 cars. We will limit the number of cars to 75.
Primary Contact Person: Bruce Heersink
Primary Contact Email:
Sponsoring Chapter: Lone Star Chapter
Special Info: Dinner Friday night again at the world famous Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill. Look for guest tickets purchases on the motorsportreg link. $15/guest. If we get National or Premier status, racers ticket will be free.
EarlyBird Info: None
Regular Price Date: $749. Pay via motorsportreg
TestDay Info: None
Refund Policy: Refund policy a bit looser than prior, but with the expense of renting the track, we have to have no refunds after March 7. Up to March 7…full refund less 5% administrative fee.
Payment Method: Pay using Participants must register on this web site, and then visit to pay for the event.


Man, that’s so awesome. But I’m screwed. My wife will be out of the country that weekend. The boys are I are doing the bachelor thing for 2 weeks. It’s one thing to surprise the wife by taking the boys to an event a state or two away because I refused to miss a race, but COTA is two travel days distant. I’d never get away with that. Sigh.


You know what they say about forgiveness vs permission, right? :wink:


You know what they say about divorcing a lawyer, right?

It’d be like a replay of Terminator 1 where the protagonist is launched out of his world into into a dark and cold alley. Naked.



Discretion is the better part of valor.


I’m not familiar with the BMW club racing classes.
Would SpecE30 be it’s own class, or is it a similar enough car for a BMW club class?


Never mind. A quick search revealed that the BMW club recognizes SPECe30.
Tempting. Very tempting.


Give in! More cars == better racing :cheer:


Registered… looking forward to it!


Jeff are you just looking for another southerner to come take over since I won’t be there next year? Kelly you don’t count since you relocated. lol


Look, mister, I don’t care where they come from, actually.

And don’t you have a nursery to paint or something? :slight_smile:


I work two jobs and over 70 hours a week. We already have a color picked out and it will be painted on my next off day. Hopefully just one coat will do. lol I still don’t have the motor back together. Have to finishing putting humpty dumpty back together again over the winter I suppose. Working on a few other thing for the car as well. All it takes is time and money right? lol and also its Mr. Mister to you Pops!!


This is tempting, but that’s a hefty price for an HPDE weekend. I’ll try to at least stop by with some pom-poms for moral support.


Concur it’s a pricey weekend, but I have to say the track is top notch… I’m known for my off road excursions and have to say it’s the smoothest grass I’ve ever driven on (and not just the astroturf). If not this event, definitely put it on your list of tracks to drive given the opportunity


I’m seriously considering this as I grew up in south Texas.
So much that I signed up in BMWCCA last night just in case.
Zach spoke of it being an HPDE.
I was thinking its a race. For specE30’s, will we race or is it a glorified HPDE?
I need a reason to hit some Taco Cabanas and racing at COTA seems like a good excuse!


They are running all of the race classes, and there are separate HPDE groups. There’s also a $55 Autocross happening at some point.

Kelly, I’ll definitely drive that track someday (maybe even for this event). So far, I did get to run the track (literally) last year. If I remember, I clocked a 29 minute lap time.


Just signed up for COTA.
Now I need to badger you Texas guys to come up to Hallett for the NASA race that usually happens in June!


Awesome! Shaping up to be even way more funner than last year :woohoo: