CotA: March 20-22, 2015


I didn’t receive a Tier 1 or Tier 2 email invite for the COTA event so today was the first day I could register. Looks like I’m in for Friday DE, but the weekend DE was already full. I sent an email about wait-list or other options.

My car is being delivered in a couple weeks, will post up some pics then.

Happy New Year TX Spec E30’ers.


MAD Motorsports out of Miami is bringing a Spec E30 for me to race with you guys. Really looking forward to it!

They have room in their race rig if anyone between FL and Texas needs a haul for their car and wants to race COTA with us, or MAD could just bring another rental. Either way, Diego is the person to talk to:

Come say hi in the paddock if you are going - we usually have plenty of the most important thing besides tools & spares = food & beers for after the race.




Well I found out Friday that I have to go to DC for work the week after COTA. Unfortunately the travel schedule interferes with the last half of the weekend and I’m afraid I am having to cancel out :frowning:

I have (however) gone ahead and registered for TWS… I almost had another business trip interfere with that one also, but was able to work it around that weekend.


Here’s some video from COTA. Driver is in an E30 “stroker” and I’m ahead of him in my M3. This session is my 1st time out on COTA and I was basically driving the line I learned on Xbox! What a fun track! I left the E30 at home for COTA because I have a small oil leak and the COTA folks seem to frown on cars that make messes, no matter how small they are.