Convert TraqStudio MP4 to something Mac can read?


Anyone out there with a similar situation to mine?

Running TraqStudio 3.40 (current version) under Parallels on Mac 10.7 (Lion), using a GoPro HD2 camera. Made my first attempt at creating a data overlay video file out of TraqStudio. That part of the process works correctly, and I am able to view the resulting MP4 file using Windows Media Player.

However, that doesn’t help, because I really need to be able to use the file natively on the Mac, Meaning iMovie and QuickTime Player.

According to a quick scan of the TraqMate support forum, they acknowledge that the MP4 coming out of Studio isn’t readable by Macs, and suggest a further (!) conversion step is necessary in order to use the file in Mac tools.

So, has anyone else bumped up against this situation, and if so, did you resolve with a 3rd-party conversion utility, and if so, which one?