Buttonwillow Simulated Track Available


Hi Guys,

We have acquired a version of Buttonwillow that runs in our simulator and I am currently trying to upgrade it to our minimum specs for use by anyone that’s planning on running there for the West Coast Champ races at Buttonwillow in two weeks.

It is the exact configuration (and direction) stipulated on the SoCal NASA website that is to be used for that race weekend.

I have had Charlie Hayes, Tim Barber and Mike Courtney test the base track for me and while it is a tad long in a couple areas it is accurate enough to use to learn the track and to work on speed. I’m upgrading the track daily and will continue doing that for the next week. But as is…you can use it for learning the track.

How book sim time:
A) For those that have not used our simulator yet, you need to call Mike Courtney and schedule time on the simulator with him. Mike has generously offered to provide two-hours free coaching and initial immersion training to all E30 drivers this season. Contact Mike (cell): 415-716-4740. Mike can book the simulator for you once you two have set a date/time.

B) For those that have used our simulator this season (or last), just call me and I’ll book time for you on the simulator training schedule. If you’d like some coaching as well, then I will try to get some coaching for you at your scheduled sim training session date/time.

Rates: As a reminder, all E30 drivers this season get a special rate of $65/hour for sim time (if you are running or decals on your race car). Coaching rates are $75/hour (Mike Courtney, Charlie Hayes). Tim Barber also can do some limited coaching and his hourly rate is $135/hour.

Shop Hours: Noon to 10pm daily.

Tom Pabst
Pro Racing Simulators