Blind Apex Lap Timer


I’ve come across a smoking deal on one…

Anyone use one?

Your thoughts/experiences



I have one and it’s pretty much useless… It’s so useless, I actually took it out of my car. The screen is hard to read while driving and most tracks don’t use the system. NASA SE has the hardware, but rarely turns it on. Save your money and get a Traqmate w/PLT, Stack, or AIM display. I have the Stack display in my car which reports lap times and PLT using a beacon.

That being said, I’ll sell you my Blind Apex for $5 less than the “smoking deal” you mentioned!


We’ll, I guess there was another sucker born today:blush:


I’ve checked with the regions I’ll be running with this year - Northeast & Great Lakes. Both confirm that they will be using the Blind Apex transponder.

I also spoke with Carl - manufactuer of Blind Apex and I have to say that he is extremely helpful. I mail him my new used toy and he ships out a brand new one at no cost. In addition I can purchase a receiver/transmitter that will enable me to use my AIM beacon and get lap times when there isn’t an AMB timing system in use (testing, etc.)

My total investment is less than the current beacon type lap timers out there - AIM, Longacre.

We’ll have to see how it works out…:unsure:


I hope it works for you! If anyone else wants one, I have one for sale…


So what was the outcome of this whole thing? How did it work? Would you buy one again or go to another system?


Well, Been there done that. Actually, the system worked just fine. As long as the sanctioning body has the system on then there is no problem. I ended up selling mine because I wanted a data logger. Went with the AIM Solo and am very happy…

If you’re just looking for a lap timer and can find a blind apex used then it will suffice…I wouldn’t spend a lot on it though.


I have one. Drawbacks: it only works in qual or race, you don’t get times in practice. And they don’t always turn the system on. I had no times at one or two races.

Pros: It keeps the lap time up the whole way around, and sometimes a position shows up. It came free with the car. And you don’t have to worry about beacons.