Barber in Feb.


Let’s get it cranked up early. Who is planning on coming to Barber’s in Feb? ALLEN


Me and Dad: In (for Friday too)


I will be there.


2 of 3 Savannah based guys will be there. Rich Bratton is iffy because of work. This year we got 17 to CMP in Feb. I bet we get >20 from the SE and MidAtl to Barber because of the novelty of racing there.


Link to registration

8 SE30 registered so far…

Rich & Richard Bratton
Brian & Oscar Edmonds

So far, about 90 registered total…this thing will sell out so dont miss out, register today


It will be good to see you and your Dad again. I enjoyed meeting the both of you a few weeks ago at PBOC.


I will be giving free lessons on how to do it right if anyone is interested. :laugh:


Just registered on the 31st for the discount. Man I hope we can get 20+.


19 registered per NASA-SE Entrants list. Over a month out and 19 registered. Awesome.

Ben Andrews
Julio Palacio
Chuck Taylor
Brian Edmonds
Al K
Gregor Davis
Sandro Espinosa
Chris Tuttel
Ryan Whitinger
Matt Harness
David Walsh
Jon Stroup
Rich Bratton
Oscar Edmonds
Steve Lako
Chris Harkins
Eric Palacio
Scott Gress
Robert Patton

Laura Patton?
Fred Switzer?

The above list doesn’t seem to have much in the way of SC, NC and VA types. Hopefully they’ll make the trip too.


I just registered so I guess that makes 20 or more signed up. Should be one heck of a weekend. Hope I can get the car’s issues sorted out before then.


I will be working tech and will be running


This should make 21 Spec E-30


[quote=“reb3792” post=75536]I will be working tech and will be running

Can I still get an annual done on Friday for the low low Mid South price?


Don’t know for sure yet.



Will set up Mid South tech for annuals on Friday PM.
Will be same setup as we did last year.
Hope to have a dyno and tech day in Memphis before Barber.


does anyone know the group who has the track on Friday? we want to run the day with them so we get 3 days on track.


107 racers so far, and currently shows 3 race groups. Been a long time since we had that, hope it holds, but maybe would be better if the GTS 4/5 cars go back to Thunder.

Race Group Car Count

Blitz 38
E30 19
GTS-1 3
GTS-2 4
GTS-3 2
GTS-4 2
GTS-5 1
Spec944 6

Lightning 39
HC-1 6
Legends 1
SM 3
ST-3 9
TR 14

Thunder 30
AI 1
SI 3
Spec986 1
SpecZ 6
ST-1 1
ST-2 11
SU 4
V2 1
Grand Total 107


[quote=“andrew240z” post=75594]does anyone know the group who has the track on Friday? we want to run the day with them so we get 3 days on track.[/quote]See the Mid-South subforum at NASAForums. I’m pretty sure the details are there. IIRC they were hot to get early commitments because they were concerned they wouldn’t get enough participation to do the Friday.


About sold out for friday so hurry.


Signed up.