Asseto Corsa: Sunday Miata Cup Spec


Hey guys,

Just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in joining our little club. We race almost every Sunday.

Our skill levels are varied and currently the pack is at around 9 cars.

I will post more information when I get home.

Here is the update:

Races are usually Sunday 9PM EST or 6PM PST.

There is a server up with the right car and right track at all times:
On Asseto Corsa the server name is: TWEJ
There is no password during the practice/practice races, but we distribute a password by Discord 1 hour before the race.

We run the Miata Cup car with the baseline setup. You can play with fuel as much as you want and you may turn off aids (ABS or TC). Spoilers: the car is faster with TC on.

This was/is the schedule:
17th NJMP
7th NJMP
14th Brands Hatch (GP)
28th Hungaroring
4th tremblant
11th Zandvoort
18th VIR
4th Vallelunga <---- This weeks race.
11th Laguna Seca

To get the missing tracks:

For all updated information please follow the discord channel.
PM me for the Discord link.

Marc-Andre Seguin is the creator and manager of this series

Btw, this is Forenz Arabian. You can also contact me on Facebook. New SE30 racer.

Hope to see you guys there!


Interested. Subscribed for details.


Updated. Let me know if you are interested. We are racing at Zandvoort this Sunday.


Ah, dangit. I must have been multitasking when I first read the post, or had iRacing on the brain. I can’t do
Asseto Corsa today. Do you know if they have Oculus Rift support? If so, I might try it out.


Asseto Corsa has official Oculus support and 3rd party HTC support.

I have the Vive, but everyone else runs a Rift.

I also run Iracing, but Asseto is “free” and easier on new players, that is why we do it there. It’s hard to convince someone to spend 100$ on an account + tracks.


Oh, cool! I’ll be racing at CMP this weekend, but will look into it more when I get back and maybe hook up with you guys in a future race.


I won’t be on this week-end, my turn to run, I will be at ChuckWalla, let me know if you want to jump on for practice during the week. Server is always up. TWEJ with no password.


Just bought AC and am downloading now. Will play around with it and try to get familiar before looking to jump into a race with you guys.


You’ll love AC, Julian. It has so much content that will keep you busy for a long time, and that’s not including all of the mods.

I haven’t driven the MX5 much in AC, so I may try a race with you guys. Looks like I’ve missed most of the good tracks though.


I downloaded a VIR track mod and have been having a blast just driving a stock E30 M3 around it.
(And hooning in the paddock, LOL)

With the Rift, it’s super immersive and realistic. I think I like iRacing’s interface a bit better, but AC looks better. Plus the VIR track in iRacing is old, predating a lot of the updates that have been made to the track.

What would be awesome is if we could find the collaborative brainpower to model a SpecE30…


IMO. The cup miata runs like the Spec E30 or even what the SE30 will be with the new springs.

Iracing is better if you don’t have a group to race with. I might get back to that in between races.

About making a SE30. we could slow a M3…


I found a mod for a 325is, but haven’t tried it yet. Not sure what’s involved in modifying that to reflect weight and handling changes. And ideally we would 3D model it such that it looked like a racecar inside.


I will look into it tonight. do you have a link to that 325is model? Also, this season series is coming to an end. I will try to push, if we can get the car ready, for an implementation of this car for the next season.


I tried to get the link, but Racedepartment won’t pull up for me. There’s a late model coupe on there though.

I was actually in talks with someone a few years ago who was developing an E30 mod. We talked about working on a Spec E30 variant, but nothing ever came of it. I’m not sure which software is used to assign physics values to the model; I think it may be a developer tool built into AC. I’d definitely be interested in playing with it though.


Here’s the LINK


Looks like it’s easy enough to mod with Notepad++.

We should start a different thread to take requests for changes to the car.

Tonight, I will concentrate to get similar power curves as the spec.