Anyone running TRMotorsports wheels


Feedback…anyone had experience with these wheels?


I have a set. Bought them from phils tire. Light weight and seem pretty durable. Also the price is reasonable.

Hope this helps


Raced Rota’s and decided to switch, bought 4 sets from Tire Rack and raced them full seasons and many test days for 3 years. Complete hub separation on one and three others developed cracked spokes at the hub. I now run Team Dynamics without trouble.


I have Team Dynamics 1.2 on my car now, and I have a set of brand-new 949Racing 6UL SpecE30-specific wheels in the Tungsten finish that I haven’t used yet. Want to buy them? $500 for all four, complete with eight stems, shipped to your door. :slight_smile:


Thanks, but need 5 x 120.