2018 Champs at COTA Videos, Pictures, and Media


Let’s aggregate all the media here and do our best to keep it focused (tall order with this group but I’ll ask anyway). Add a text description if you can so search can be useful.


Someone please post some pictures of the rest rooms from COTA!!!


But not while McKay was raising funds for his new motor.


Sunday SE30 Championship Race
Sandro - sorry I didn’t leave you much room… Great job making up 18 spots!


Awesome vid Ed! I love how you can watch your eyes to see where the action is.

Man Oscar wouldn’t give you a break. I just hope I’m 1/3rd as cool as Edmonds Sr when I grow up.


Had a blast storming form 28th after my broken shifter in the qualy race!


Sean: Thanks! After watching it I noticed that if I’m really focused I don’t blink. Also, when Neil bumped me in 12, it knocked my visor down! It was great fun going with all of us from SoCal.


Nick: you had some racing! It was fun watching your video.


Heres my view of the feature race.