Wrecked SpecE30 Shell, SoCal


This Chassis must be gone by Monday 11th. I am starting a new Spec E30 project and need to clear this one out of the shop.

If it is not removed by then it will be scrapped. Hate to scrap it but it has to go.

[B][SIZE=“5”]$250 OBO[/SIZE][/B]

For Sale, one wrecked Spec E30 Race Car Shell. There is no front end, and the car needs to be re-clipped from firewall forward. There is also right side body damage. Needs a passenger door and some quarter panel body work.

Spec Legal Cage,
Valid NASA Spec E30 Log Book
Current Registration and Clean Title

If you decide you want to reclip it, I can help you out with OEM sheetmetal at my cost. Should be about $1k for all new frame rails, shock towers, supports and front core support. Then a frame/body shop to reassemble it all.

Have the steering column and late model fuel tank for the car as well.

Also have all the spec measurements for all the body points.