Winter Enduro at Sebring with DriveGear and PBOC


The DriveGear Racing crew is headed down to Sebring for the PBOC event Jan 9-11th. We are running the 6 hour enduro and the 1:30 enduro. We have rental seats available in our Spec E30’s. We have won this enduro 3 out of the last 4 years. this is a great time and a perfect opportunity to break out of the winter weather and drive this legendary track. Enduro package includes the 2 hour night practice 1/9, prac/qual + 6 hour enduro 1/10, and the 1:30 enduro 1/11. Cost per seat is 1500 + entry and we are looking at 3 drivers per car. Each driver will get 3 + hours seat time. PM me for more details