WHere to get spec e30 exhaust ?


Hi there

i’m looking for odering the spec e30 exhaust, can’t we buy it on the website ?

thank you


Go to SpecE30 Contacts and look up Paul Poore. Call him, don’t email.


you’re referring often to the rules as you build your car, right? The info is in there (in addition to what Ranger said)

chris_rai wrote:

[quote]Hi there

i’m looking for ordering the spec e30 exhaust, can’t we buy it on the website ?

thank you[/quote]


Hi specE30 guys,

Is it possible to purchase the SE30 exhaust from Paul Poore for my trackday car? Or will he only sell them to SE30 drivers? Also how much is it?

Sorry for all the questions



You could purchase it from Paul Poore, but there’s nothing fancy about it. If your not going to make a spec e30 you could probably get something similar custom made at a local shop. I paid 240 for the spec exhaust and installed it myself. On my turbo car I went to the shop that was a block away and they made a 3" from the turbo back for 175 installed plus the cat and muffler. I think someone figured out that the muffler on the spec exhaust is a cheap Jegs glasspack. I think they sound horrible also and wouldn’t wouldn’t want drive around on the street with it.