Where to get decals?


I was wondering if there was a “one stop shop” for the various general decals that need to be on the car. Specifically the car numbers, decals for the kill switch and fire extinguisher, drivers name and SE30 decals. I’ve looked through the faq and forums and I couldn’t find anything. I’m assuming that for the drivers name and SE30 stuff you could probably get something from Office Max or similar.




The kill switch and FE decal can be probably be bought on the cheap at the track. Either your NASA trailer or a trackside vender will likely be selling those for $1 each.

The other decals can be bought from all sorts of outfits. Lately I’ve been getting my decals from Levent at TrackDecal.com. Speaking from lots of experience with receiving decals that weren’t what I had envisioned…you have to be careful that you leave no ambiguiety in your decal order. Don’t allow an email thread to develop thats lists various changes in each addition to the thread starter. So what you do is ensure that your email exchanges consist of a single set of guidance that is entirely correct, as opposed to a list at the bottom of the thread that is only “entirely correct” once the 8 other changes “above” incorporated into it.

Be sure to spec the size and color of each decal w/o exception. And it’s not enought to say things like “bumper sticker size” or “the same size everyone else uses”, that’s the kind of thing that causes screw ups.


Thanks! I checked out the trackdecal site and it’s exactly what I was looking for.