Where do I get/buy a valance?


I have an 87 that is missing the front valance. Is there an after market replacement or does any one have a decent one ofr sale?

Thanks for any ideas!


Are you looking for the early style or the later style.

You can buy a reproduction of the pre-facelift valance here:


Or you can track one down on the interwebs.

The other option is to do what I did, my car was an EARLY '85, which is a different valance, and has no clearance for the oil cooler. So I ended up just getting a plastic bumper valance and installing that behind the diving boards, and then just run the later lip.

The choice is yours…


Terminology is important when talking about parts. I think the general usage of the word “valence” in an early model is to ID part #8 here, the sheetmetal behind the airdam. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=1113&mospid=47309&btnr=41_0134&hg=41&fg=10

There’s a couple variations on this piece. Some early valences are a combo of part #7 and #8, some have them as separate pieces.

If you’re looking instead for the big plastic 325is air dam, those are getting a little harder to find. Al Taylor (wabmw25(at)aol(dot)com probably has one he can sell. I just bought one from him a couple months ago. He lives near VIR, where are you Buzz?

djjerme, that was a good link, thanks.


Yes, I did not have the correct terminology. Thank you for the clarification.

I am looking for the front panel part #8 for a 1/87 325i.

Located in Central Calif.

New OEM or after market replica or used is fine with me if in good condition. Color is not important.

Thanks again,