Where are we going to race in July and August?


As you may have heard, Rockingham the weekend of 2Jul is now iffy. The track is getting sold or just did get sold, something like that. So we don’t know if the new owner is going to let us come to his house and race.

So lets talk contingency plans.

Barber with Mid-S, weekend of 30Jul. Personally, I’d love to go back and race at Barber. When was the last time we were there, 4yrs ago? 3 maybe?

VIR with MidAtl, weekend of 20Aug. Ads: We get to hang w/ all our MidAtl buddies. VIR is awesome. Disad: It’s only 2wks rom NCCAR. Going to a new track is always a blast so I’m totally in for NCCAR. Doing 2 events back to back like that would be rough tho

Ok boys and girls, what are your thoughts?


I think I’ll restore 2 Penton motorcycles and a '88 M6.

Then I’ll start a 3.0CS.

See you in November.



Here is your official (because it should be) Spec E30 Southeast Region schedule:

May 21-22: E30 Gras at NOLA MSP w/NOLA & Mid-South
Friday May 20 Track Day:

June 4-5: Road Atlanta

June 11-2: Memphis International Raceway w/ Mid-South

July 30-31: BARBER! BARBER! BARBER! w/ Mid-South

Aug 26-28th: Mid-Ohio w/ Great Lakes

Sept 3-4: NCCAR

Sept 22-25: Eastern States Champs @ Watkins Glen

Oct 8-9: Road Atlanta

Oct 22-23: NCM (Corvette Museum) Southeast, Great Lakes and Mid-South

Oct 29-30: BARBER! BARBER! BARBER! w/ Mid-South

Nov 4-6: CMP

Dec 3-4: Road Atlanta Santa’s Toy Run


No racing in July/August for me (too much work and family events to make any track time) but putting in a plug for Sebring first weekend of October with NASA-FL. If you haven’t raced Sebring, it’s definitely a blast and a great SE30 track. The SE30 locals are a great bunch to hang with as well.

October the weather should be perfect down there. Well worth the tow.


Brian is on to something, I’m doing that. NOLA May 20th, skipping CMP in May. Doing the rest of NASA-SE, and Barber in July. Rather do NCCAR than VIR.


Ive been lurking on here for long enough and felt the need to weigh in on this topic. The 944Spec guys are all in on going to Barber in July. We were already all planning on it since it falls right into a convenient void and there is a good 944Spec crowd in the Mid-South. Plus the MS gang give loads of track time, and usually an Aussie Pursuit race, plus its Barber so how can you go wrong even if you have to deal with all the paddock fascists.


So maybe there’s a 3rd race we can get into at Barber? Oohrah! Brian, what’s your take on this?


Typically we do two races on Saturday and an Aussie Pursuit on Sunday. I don’t know if that will be the case at Barber or not. The Aussie Pursuit is alot of fun but we run it because our car count is not as large as SE or some of the other regions. When there are alot of cars it’s harder to do but it is a blast. I’ll update as I hear things from the director. Either way it will be a good time!


What is Aussie Pursuit?

There is a NOLA race in July.


Aussie Pursuit is a format that is designed so that in theory everyone crosses the finish line at the same time. Cars start from pit lane one at a time in increments determining by fast lap times during previous races. The slowest car starts first then each one follows until the fastest car. At the end of the race everyone should be within sight of the lead and have a chance at the win. It works great when there are many cars but in different classes.

There is a NOLA race this weekend btw!


Don’t forget Barber is this weekend! I know you’re jonesing.


Lightning race ends at 1:00 Sunday! Schedule looks great. 2- 40 minute races! BBQ dinner Saturday. Also attendance is NOT NECESSARY at the all hands meeting Saturday morning (unless you just want to).






NASA Mid-South will be at Barber July 29-30. Bring it.