Westward Bound


I thought I would drop in on this side of the forum and introduce myself. I’ve been involved with high performance driving for twelve years and racing Spec E30 for the past six. From Atlanta, I’ve seen the Southeast region Spec E30 fields go from single cars to the large 20-30 car fields we now routinely see.

This fall, my job is moving us out to San Antonio. It’s an exciting opportunity, but I have to say the sparce activity on this part of the Forum makes me litterally hear crickets… Either I have a lot of recruiting to do, or all of the E30’s are hanging out elsewhere online.

Regardless, I wanted to say Hi, and I look forward to heading out west!!!

  • Kelly Childress


I dont recall if there are any SE30’s in Texas. I know they are thick with AI and SM and a handful of Spec Bozters. Its a great region, great people.

I know they have their own web site and they typically use the NASA Forums Texas site for their forum chats and whatnots.
Id jump in there and say howdy and see what the response is. Dave Balingit is the Regional director there, great guy to deal with, always looking to have fun!

Good luck!


Spec Miata is the big class in NASA Texas. That region does do combined events with the NOLA region though so if you head to one of those events, I will make my way over as well. There is also a Texas, Mid South, Southeast region race planned at Barber early next year.


Kelly, kind of lonely out there in Texas. Your move and subsequent start-up (should I say restart) of racing reminds me of the first Spec E30 race in the Southeast region. Good luck. Really, good luck.

How is the relocation going?



I raced my SpecE30 @ COTA this year with BMWCCA. There were two other spece30’s there from the Austin area. Jeff Conner and Mark Anderson. Both were GREAT guys and Mark and I had a lot of fun on track as well. I will be going back out to do the COTA BMWCCA race in March. I know both of them are planning to do it as well. If you can make the trip please drop me a line. We rented a garage space and they grouped the spec’s in the same garage and it was nice to see a couple of other guys from the SE there. Fred Switzer brought his car out but had motor trouble. ALLEN